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Force India trying to catch up with its Competitors

By Motortrend India Staff   |   08 July,2008

After the Super Aguri left Formula One, the Force India is facing resplendent seclusion. The two cars have been left to compete themselves and are unable to match the gait and dependability of other teams. But the team is looking forward to catch up with Honda after getting new aerodynamic upgrades.

Adrian Sutil, one of the Force India’s driver said, “I believe we can compete with Honda, once the car settles down with these upgrades.” So both the Force India cars would be sporting some of these upgrades and will take some time before they can hope to match with the Japanese team.

Force India needs to come up with a solution due to the unsatisfying performance of both the cars. However, the Indian team has been trying hard to maintain gait with others both in terms of qualifying and on race days.

Adrian Sutil said that the main reason for not qualifying was because of aerodynamics, “We have been struggling with tyres because of high down force on the car,” and Force India is the only team now that has failed to score a point in the eight car races so far. He also added that the car was scrambling to catch up with its competitors. But now Sutil hopes Force India cars would be able to gain half a second after the aerodynamic upgrades.

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