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Skoda Plans to Upgrade the Fabia

By Motortrend India Staff   |   13 August,2008

The Skoda has recalled the petrol version of its Fabia for refining technical problems that was disturbing the fuel efficiency and performance of the car.

The company has decided to upgrade the 1200cc and 1400c variants of the Fabia petrol in order to rectify the technical glitches. Skoda blamed “inconsistent fuel quality” in India that has resulted in mechanical problems. The alternation is made in the software to achieve enhanced fuel economy and driving performance.

Fabia is assembled at the Aurangabad factory. Some of the vital components of the car are imported and might not be appropriate for local conditions and fuel quality. Due to the fuel quality some customers had experienced problems with the car and some even complained that the brake pedal became hard, while driving at a high speed.

Skoda has declared that they would rectify the problems free of cost. With the growing fuel prices customers are hunting for more fuel efficient cars. Therefore, the car manufacturer thinks that upgrading the model and replacing defective parts or rectifying technical bugs would improve the fuel economy. This will further help the company to gain volume in terms of sale.

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