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Hyundai Delays Third Shift Plan

By Motortrend India Staff   |   12 August,2008

Hyundai Motor India Ltd. has postponed its plan to introduce third shift at the new plant in Chennai. Due to the slow down in the Indian car market, the car manufacturers are continuously altering the production ratio of cars meant for domestic and overseas markets.

The Hyundai Motors also fears that the Indian car industry will lag behind in the next few months and increasing the production at this state of sluggish market would not be a smart move.

During the launch of the Kappa engine in July, the company officials had stated that a third shift might be established at its new plant having ability to produce 300,000 units per year. Currently, the new plant rolls out around 415 vehicles per shift. If the night shift is introduced then there will be additional 360 units to the output thereby making total production of 1190 units per day at the second plant.

According to the company officials, the company would have to hire another 1,200 workers if one more shift is added as all the plants - vehicle assembly line, paint shop, engine and transmission plants - have to function in tandem.

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