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Tata Motors to Roll Out E-Nano

By Motortrend India Staff   |   21 August,2008

The eco-friendly cars are catching consumer’s attention amidst increasing global warming and fuel prices. So, many car manufacturers are working on to launch green cars to meet the demand. Now the Tata Motors has announced its plan to launch the electric version of Nano, the E-Nano, after seven month past the launch of the ultra-cheap car.

The electric version of Nano will be developed in alliance with the Norwegian electric car specialist firm, the Miljoebil Grenland. Though the company has made the announcement, the specification and the price of the electric-drive version is not yet revealed.

Presently, the Maini Reva is the only electric car that shines on the Indian roads. And in future, we can also see more green cars rolling on the Indian roads.

The company is also working on cylinder turbo diesel variant for the Nano, which will be released by 2009. The Nano’s first batch that has been assembled at Tata's Singur plant in West Bengal will be rolled out in October during the festival of Diwali.

The company has also signed an agreement with the Moteur Development International (MDI) of France to build up a compressed air car, thus making travel very economical and totally pollution free.

Hope the E-Nano will also follow the Nano with respect to pricing. The entrance of Tata into the green belt with its E-Nano will definitely set a benchmark in the Indian car industry in terms of affordably and environment friendly.

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