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Launch of Linea and Grand Punto is Postponed

By Motortrend India Staff   |   01 September,2008

All car buyers who were waiting for the launch of Fiat Linea and Fiat Grand Punto will have to wait more.

Fiat's midsize sedan Linea was scheduled for launch in September 2008, but now, it is likely to roll out somewhere in October 2008.

According to sources, the company is looking for the perfect launch time. The company feels that the month of September is loaded with a number of car launches. Fiat desires to receive maximum customer attention and so the company thinks that it is wiser to wait for the appropriate time. Most probably, the company will launch the car in the month when there will be no car launches or limited numbers.

Similarly, the launch of Grante Punto may also get delayed. Fiat does not want the car customers to get confused with frequent car launches. The company feels that there should be a certain time interval between consecutive car launches so that the consumers are well focused to the launch.

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