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Small cars from Audi to India

By Motortrend India Staff   |   04 September,2008

Luxury car maker Audi has designed a top down approach to launch itself in the Indian car market. Audi India stable already comprises of luxury models like Audi TT, A6, A8, Q7, A4 and the super car Audi R8 is all set for the launch and now is establishing as a luxury brand in the country with the launch of  premium and luxury models.

Speculations in the air say that the Audi plans to roll out small cars to India, however the official announcement regarding the launch is not made. According to Martin Birkner, Vice President, Audi India ‘we have no plans to roll out Audi A3 to India, Tata’s ultra-cheap car Nano has created a new class in small cars and it is not possible to  hold on to that price  for the company’.

Currently, Audi has 7 dealerships in India and in future plans to increase the number. It is an open fact that Audi A6 is being assembled at its Aurangabad plant on a completely knocked down unit. It is doing the same with Audi A4 by this October. The model is currently being imported.

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