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Realignment of GM’s Corporate Structure

By Motortrend India Staff   |   11 September,2008

General Motors, US car manufacturer, plans to realign and restructure its corporate operations.

With respect to the proposed plans, the company has created a new company for all its sales and distribution activities in the country. All the other activities other than sales and distribution will stay with General Motors India.

According to GM, the new entity is aimed at the company’s expansion plans in the country. To set up the power-train facility in Talegaon, Maharashtra, the company requires an investment of 200 million dollars and the new company seems to be a major step to support such a high investment.

The restructuring process will also involve shifting of the employees who were engaged in sales, marketing and distribution activities.

As GM is significantly growing in size and numbers, it was necessary to take a step where special attention is to be paid to sales and delivery. The move will also improve sales strategies, planning, inventory management, timely delivery, cost synergies and transport management. All the activities associated with sales and distribution will get a complete new phase with exclusive attention.

GM India is mounting higher and higher in all aspects. The company is also increasing its network from 122 sales points to 145 sales points. Even the service outlets are to be increased from 129 to 160 in numbers across the country.

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