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Rolls-Royce Launch More Cars to India

By Motortrend India Staff   |   14 September,2008

Indian market has been a sluggish market from past few months and many of the car manufacturers are setting aside their expansion and introducing new cars in the market. However, some of the luxury car manufacturers are planning a range of launches and one such manufacturer is the BMW-owned Rolls Royce.

There are very few people who buy expensive cars, but Rolls Royce has made good sales this year. It had re-launched itself in 2005 and now aims to sell nearly 20 cars by this year-end. The car cost above Rs. 3.5 crore and the target doesn’t seem to be small number. Rolls Royce is expected to introduce set of new models and new dealerships and is looking ahead to grow 25-40% per year in sales over the next 4 to 5 years.

According to Graeme Grieve, Director-Sales and Marketing, Rolls Royce Motor Cars, “In terms of sheer number, we'll have nearly 40 cars of the new Phantom by the year-end. This year will be as strong as earlier. We will be close to 20 cars. Going forward, we have some new products coming. In October, we'll launch the Phantom Coupe in India which is the fourth and final car in the Phantom series. "70% of the cars that we've built are still in existence. It's more of an investment than indulgence.”

The new model is estimated to be priced at Rs. 4 crore. BMW and Rolls Royce are also planning to make investments in India. This proves that India is gaining its popularity globally and many car manufacturers are eagerly waiting to step into the Indian car market.

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