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Ajanta's Green Car Set to Roll Out

By Motortrend India Staff   |   16 October,2008

A tough competitor of Tata Nano is all set to roll out before the Nano could make its entry in the Indian car market.

Renowned manufacturers of watches, Ajanta, announce that their first e-car is almost ready to make its debut under the Oreva brand.

Oreva, Ajanta’s green car, is now becoming a hot talk in Rajkot, Gujarat. It’s a coincidence that both the cheap and small cars, Nano and Oreva, will now roll out from the same industrial state of Gujarat. Nano has recently shifted its plant to Ahmedabad whereas Ajanta has its manufacturing facility at Morbi.

According to the industry resources, Ajanta has no plans to compete with the proposed Nano but with such a competitive price tag of Rs 85,000, the car is definitely entering the game.

In terms of car performance, it is believed that the Oreva electric car would run to about 200-250 km with one complete charge.

With oil prices rising high and greater pressures on car manufacturers to produce alternative fuel engines, Ajanta’s green car would be a definite success.

Ajanta’s green car will also be a tough competition for Maini Reva.

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