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Nano Brings Luck for Heart Manufacturer

By Motortrend India Staff   |   19 October,2008

Keshavaji Naranbhai Santoki, Kathiawadi farmer, was the first person to install a diesel engine when they were being imported from England.

Sensing this as a perfect opportunity, this small farmer decided to venture into the imports of diesel engine in association with Adico. With good experience in the market, the farmer introduced its own small unit in Rajkot, Gujarat to manufacture connecting rods that are popularly known as heart of the car engine. The unit was named ‘Amul Industries Private Limited’.

In the early stage, this small unit could produce only 10 connecting rods every month but today the same unit is capable of manufacturing four lakh pieces every month. The company today has a turnover of over Rs 200 crore and is still dreaming of higher business.

The recent shift of Tata Nano plant to Sanand has brightened the dreams of Santoki. The company now dreams to become Asia’s largest heart manufacturer.

According to the company, each unit of Nano will require two connecting rods. Mr Santoki commented that if nearly about a million Nanos roll out on roads then 200 million connecting rods will roll out from Amul. Naturally, with this high number, the company aspires to beat the major Chinese players in the industry and gradually emerge as Asia’s largest manufacturer of connecting rods and engine parts.

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