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Toyota Plans Diesel Corolla Altis

By Motortrend India Staff   |   16 October,2008

Following the launch of Toyota Corolla Altis in the Indian car market, the company also plans to introduce the diesel version of the car for the Indian market.

The plan of introducing the diesel counterpart is aimed at high end potential and credibility of diesel saloons in India. The company strongly feels that diesel luxury saloons are fast gaining recognition and popularity in the Indian car market.

For the diesel version of Altis, Toyota considered the small 1.4L turbo-diesel engine that currently powers the Yaris hatchback, delivering 90-100 bhp. The diesel car will definitely deliver enhanced power, performance, and fuel-efficiency.

Talented and skilled Toyota’s engineers are working on various alterations to adapt the European Corolla’s diesel to the Indian Altis. However, the transplant of the European Corolla’s engine to the Altis will be a challenging task.

There is no official confirmation regarding the launch of the diesel Toyota Corolla Altis but yet the expectations to have the car in Indian showrooms by mid-2009 are bright.

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