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Nano's Launch Delays Further

By Motortrend India Staff   |   23 October,2008

The news was in the air that the Nano will be seen in the Indian roads by October-December 2008. But the Tata Motors is now planning to launch the Nano during the quarter of January-March 2009.

Currently, the company is aiming to launch 42,000-48,000 Nanos annually from its recent Pantnagar plant. Some of the resources proclaimed that it would take at least a year to set up the Gujarat plant. Thus before the complete setup happens, the Tata Motors has directed the car vendors to deliver components on a monthly basis of 3,500-4,000 Nanos.

The Tata Motors has postponed the timeline of the Nano launch so that there will be a continuous supply once the car is rolled out in the country. However, the production at its Pantnagar plant is going in full speed to ensure stable supply of the Nano.

Despite the fact that the company wants to release small numbers of the Nano initially. In a recent meeting, the 100-odd vendors were informed that the company has estimated to sell around 8-10-lakh Nanos within the subsequent 3-5 years.

According to a Tata Motors spokesperson, “While waiting for the Sanand plant’s completion, Tata Motors will explore the possibility of manufacturing the Nano at its existing facilities at Pune and Pantnagar, and the car is likely to launch in the last quarter of this fiscal. But we cannot disclose what the company has discussed with its vendors. These are internal matters.”

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