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Indian Roads to Become Child-Friendly

By Motortrend India Staff   |   17 November,2008

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways desires to make Indian roads child-friendly. The ministry of Road Transport and Highways declares to make ‘baby car seats, mandatory in all passenger cars starting from 2010.

The soul aim of the declaration is to create a secure and designated place for children in cars who often become victims of car accidents. This is the first time in the history of Indian car industry that a rule like this has been announced but it will definitely change the scenario on Indian roads.

Similar execution is already witnessed in countries like Australia, Europe, and USA where the Child Restraint System is compulsory for passenger cars. Now, the Indian Ministry also feels that the time to implement the same for India is on rolls.

The planned execution will take nearly about two to three years. New cars that are about to enter the market in a year or two will have this feature whereas the existing car models will have three years to make this feature standard. The given span of time will help car manufacturers to make the desired modifications and alterations in their old, new, or upcoming car models.

Car manufacturers have also agreed to this decision but still a debate on who should bear the cost is in continuation. Ministry has still not decided whether the manufacturers should bear the cost or the car buyers.

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