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General Motors Eyes CNG and LPG Technology

By Motortrend India Staff   |   05 November,2008

Rising oil prices has given a blow to the automobile industry. In the current scenario of economic fallout across the globe, most of the car users are depriving themselves from buying a new car. Due to this, many car manufacturers are looking for alternative fuel which can help to reduce the expenditure of owning a car.

General Motors is also on the race to introduce cars equipped with alternate fuel options. The company has presently laid its entire focus on the research and development on better fuel technology which is expected to brighten the future of automotive in India.

After petrol and diesel technology, General Motors is now eyeing on CNG and LPG vehicles for the Indian car market. In response to the same the company has started its operations with the regional partners in Thailand and Korea for CNG and LPG, respectively.

The company is working on a biodiesel programme for which it has also sought out a land of 80 hectares in Gujarat to cultivate Jatropha, a shrub whose seeds contain high amount of oil. General Motors has also made a heavy investment to transform its plans into reality.

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