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Launch of Toyota Prius Delayed

By Motortrend India Staff   |   25 November,2008

Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota, has put the launch of its hybrid car, Toyota Prius Hybrid, on hold. This delay in the launch is attributed to non-supportive infrastructure, steep duty structure and non-competitive price tag.

According to industry sources, Toyota’s plan to delay the launch of Prius could be because of the recent move taken by Honda to cut down the price of its hybrid by Rs 8 Lakh. Honda being the arc rival of Toyota has indirectly pushed back the launch of its leading hybrid across the globe.

Both Honda and Toyota are leading car manufacturers of hybrid cars globally. Honda has already introduced its hybrid in the domestic market but Toyota feels that at present India is not ready to accept such an innovative technology. Though the Civic Hybrid is running successfully in the country, Toyota refuses to drive its hybrid at present.

Toyota expects high demand of the car because of its superiority in technology, low emission and fuel efficiency. With these superior features, the company feels that a high import duty is deterrent. Instead the company is currently focusing on to bring in the SUV Fortuner by 2009 and all-new compact car by 2010. It has also raised its investment to Rs 3, 200 Crore to setup its second plant in Bangalore.

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