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Thar Technologies Plans to Establish a Bio-Diesel Plant in India

By Motortrend India Staff   |   03 December,2008

Thar Technologies, a US-based technology company, is planning to set up a bio-diesel plant in Rajasthan, India.

With the implementation of this plan, the company is also hunting for a 20 acre land in Jaipur and surrounding areas.

Thar President and Chief Executive Officer Lalit Chorida, said, “The main source of bio-diesel, jatropha and karanj, are extensively grown in Rajasthan. We want to draw benefits from the recent bio-diesel policy of the Rajasthan government that entails allotment of 30 per cent cultivable wasteland to the private sector for jatropha and karanj”.

In addition, the company will also source these plants from private players. It is believed that the production of bio-diesel undergoes two stages. In the first stage, hexane is primarily used for extraction of vegetable oil from oilseeds and in the second stage, the vegetable oil is converted to a cheaper and more efficient fuel, bio-diesel.

Chordia also said that the introduction of bio-diesel will use 25% less energy, and would be non-polluting. Even the price of the fuel would be about 14% less. The company eyes on the bio-diesel plant with high hopes.

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