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Honda Reports Raised Growth

By Motortrend India Staff   |   03 December,2008

The month of November has taken the entire car industry in its grasp with all the car manufacturers reporting a declined car sales. Manufacturers are experienced a steep fall in the domestic car sales as well as the export. The key factor that contributed to the steepest fall in the car sales in the past five years is global recession.

At the juncture where other car manufacturers are depressed with slow growth, Honda Seil Cars India is rejoicing raised growth. Honda Siel Cars India is a joint venture between Honda Motor Co. of Japan and Siel Ltd. of India. The company excels in designing and producing high-end premium cars comprising Honda City, Honda Civic, and Honda Accord.

As per industry resources, in the month of November Honda recorded a 15% growth in car sales that accounts an overall sale of 5,090 units, which is much higher than that recorded in the corresponding month last year.

The key reason why Honda experienced such a high growth during this time of downturn is the unbelievable discount offer that the company announced on the only hybrid car in India, the Honda Civic Hybrid.

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