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Talking Cars ——— The New Safety Buzzword

By Motortrend India Staff   |   22 August,2012

Wish you had a ‘smart’ car that would alert you each time you missed a signal, drifted out of your lane or came too close to another car on the highway? From what is being said and heard, a giant trial is already underway on the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan involving a revolutionary technology that will update drivers of potential safety hazards and existing traffic conditions.

 In a bid to cut down on the occurrences of traffic crashes, ease traffic congestion and make roads safer, a hi-tech Wi-Fi technology is being developed by the US Department of Transportation and the University of Michigan that will allow vehicles and highway infrastructure to communicate with each other. Worth a whopping USD 25 million, this wireless technology will allow "smart cars" to transmit signals to each other, cautioning their drivers of impending dangers ahead.

About 500 smart vehicles are already driving around in the roads in Mich and there are plans to launch about 2,800 more such cars in the coming weeks.

Talking about this ground-breaking safety technology, US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood stated, “This is a big moment for automotive safety.  This cutting-edge technology offers real promise for improving both the safety and efficiency of our roads. That is a winning combination for drivers across America."

Program Manager Jim Sayer quoted, "This is a tremendous opportunity, and we are very excited to be able to support the USDOT's demonstration of cutting-edge transportation technologies in our community."

If all goes well, then this technology might make its way into cars and trucks in India soon.

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