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Honda Accord, Civic The Most Stolen Cars In The World

By Motortrend India Staff   |   23 August,2012

If you happen to own a 1994 Honda Accord model or a 1998 Honda Civic, then you surely have a reason to worry! According to a latest report released by National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), Honda Accord and Honda Civic are the two most stolen cars in the world, with Honda Accord topping the list and Honda Civic following a close second.

Blame it on the car’s massive popularity or dearth of security features, there is no denying that both the older models of Accord and Civic are hottest cars for thieves. In 2011, about 7,596 Accords (1994 model) was stolen in the US alone.

Explaining the trend, Joe Brosius, a retired Tempe, Arizona police officer who heads the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators said, “They’re actually stealing the older cars, because the safety features that the newer cars have, they’re not there.  They’re easy to steal, that’s why they’re always No. 1.”

The new models are, however, equipped with sophisticated anti-theft technology like the immobilizer system that makes them harder to hot-wire. Chris Martin, a Honda spokesman said, “It takes the technology barrier for a thief fairly high. They need to be fairly sophisticated to get around that.”

2006 Ford F-150 Pickup (full size) is the third most-stolen car in the world followed by 1991 Toyota Camry and 2000 Dodge Caravan on the fourth and fifth slot.

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