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Verito Sedan Electrified

By Motortrend India Staff   |   29 August,2012

In a time and age when fuel prices are spiraling to new heights every day, India auto giant Mahindra & Mahindra has decided to step up their game by launching an electric version of their Verito sedan.

Mahindra launched a face-lifted version of the Verito, formerly marketed as Mahindra Renault Logan, amidst much hype and hoopla early this June. The car is currently available in both petrol and diesel engines and adding an electric twin of the same would surely be a viable move for M&M.

The autocar giant is planning to come up with an electrically powered version of the sedan two years down the line.

The Mahindra Verito electric will be launched with a lithium-ion battery pack, that already exists in models like Reva-i and Reva NXR. Apart from that, the company is planning to develop an electric pick-up.

Earlier, during the 11th auto expo held in Delhi this year, founder-CTO of M&M, Chetan Maini had hinted, “Mahindra has a strong research and development team and now we have a full-fledged facility where we have the flexibility to manufacture different kind of cars; and we have a good distribution network. So we have a pipeline of products coming out, probably one new variant every year for the next two years. We showcased an electric vehicle; the technology is very scalable to other platforms. So, over time, you will see Mahindra vehicles getting electrified. They are all in a development stage and in a couple of years you will start to see them coming out.”

M&M is eyeing to seize a lion’s share of the Indian auto industry by adding new electric vehicles to its portfolio.  Given that Indian buyers are always concerned about the fuel economy of a vehicle, having electric cars will surely help M&M up their bait considerably.

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