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Nissan to bring 10 new models including Datsun models by 2016

By Motortrend India Staff   |   26 September,2012

With an aim to increase its global market share, Nissan has planned to bring 10 new cars to India by 2016. Datsun, a brand unknown to most car consumers in India would be introduced through some of these models. Datsun was the brand name of cars sold by Nissan motors thirty years ago. The company had stopped using this name on its products from 1980s. Nissan is now preparing to bring back Datsun badge on some of its small cars and present it to Indonesia, India and Russia by 2014. Indian consumers can expect 2 new models rolled out of the Nissan plant every year including Datsun cars.

The last few years have witnessed a rapid increase in demand for cars in emerging markets like in India. According to sources, growing markets swallowed about 40% of the cars produced by Nissan during the year 2007. Nissan is targeting to sell at least 60% of its cars in growing markets with the release of these 10 new models.

The increase in production volume may pave way to erection of new Nissan plants or expansion of existing plants in India.

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