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21 light armoured troop carriers from Tata motors defence solutions

By Motortrend India Staff   |   05 October,2012

One of the leading providers of off-road defence and security solutions of the country, Tata Motors Defence Solutions delivered 21 light armoured troop carrier vehicles to the Gujarat Police Force. The company earlier provided Mine Protected Vehicles to Maharashtra State Police and Jharkhand State Police and 122 light armoured troop carrier vehicles to the Central Armed Police Force.

The light armoured troop carrier has a powerful engine with 4 wheel drive system and carries suspended seats. The glasses used in the vehicle are bullet proof and the fuel compartment material is designed to suppress explosion. With such resources in place, the troop carrier can fight out tough situations.

The company has delivered over 1,00,000 vehicles to the Indian military and paramilitary forces. The vehicles used for security and defence are built with a motto such that they can be quickly operated under emergencies and have less maintenance cost during the life. Tata Motors Defence Solutions has a special package called The Sampoorna Seva Package – Annual Maintenance Contract which takes care of the servicing, repair and spare parts replacement needs of the vehicles.

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