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Tata Celebrates Colours Through Nano Art In Motion

By Motortrend India Staff   |   09 October,2012

The Indian auto giant Tata has come up with an idea to spread art and culture of the country. One of the most accepted cars of India Nano takes the responsibility of carrying and showcasing the art of painting around the city of Mumbai.

The head of Nano Product Group, Ms. Delna Avari had announced the start of this program weeks ago. The intention of the company is to propagate Indian culture and celebrate it through art. Ms. Sangeeta Babani, one of the well known artists from Mumbai and Mr. Anil Dingankar who is another upcoming artist would do the job of bringing the colors of celebrations over Nano and giving it life. The resulting art in motion version of 2012 Tata Nano displays art to city folks by visiting orphanage homes and schools.

The company has also planned for a contest where Tata Nano fans and art lovers can participate and win. The contest is named as “Catch the Art Nano” and one can take part in this competition by clicking pictures of the art car when it visits the city. The pictures should be uploaded on facebook fan page of Nano. The participant with the best click of the art Nano gets selected for a special visit by the car. Further details of this initiative are available in the official website of Tata Nano India.

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