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Mercedes Releases The First Country Made M Class

By Motortrend India Staff   |   11 October,2012

Two milestones in the path Mercedes Benz India took place days ago. One of them was the launch of the first homemade Mercedes Benz M Class to the market. The second one was the opening of Mercedes state of the art paint shop at the Chakan plant in Pune.

The luxury SUV, M Class is one among the paramount cars of Mercedes Benz portfolio. This car earlier had its production unit in Tuscaloosa, USA. The company has now started a production unit in Pune and the first Mercedes Benz M Class was rolled out from this manufacturing plant few days ago. The company is focusing on growing interest among customers on the category of luxury SUV in India. The new production line at Pune will be beneficial in the way of cutting cost of import duties thereby keeping the price of the car low. The plant also helps in improving flexibility of production based on customer orders. The plant has equipments and technologies which are in line with the benchmark standards set by the grand brand, Mercedes.

Mercedes Benz M Class is one car which is gigantic in performance as well as luxury. It has come out with loads of features in all areas. Some of its features like attention assist and ECO start stop are truly innovative and do a great job in serving the purpose. Mercedes Benz price their M Class model at Rs 46.5 lakhs in Delhi.

The state of art paint shop opened at the Chakan plant improves the production potential of Mercedes Benz in India. The shop is equipped with some sophisticated systems and technologies which perform water based painting processes and techniques. The procedures are environment friendly and use robots for better productivity. The shop floor is designed with an annual production capacity of 20,000 which is flexible enough to get increased to 40,000 units.

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