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Tata Motors Update Their Manza To Match Club Class

By Motortrend India Staff   |   17 October,2012

The week is packed with multiple car releases from various categories and different brands. The weeks to follow have many more upcoming car launches. Manza, the sedan from Tata got a new form and came out with some additional features and top class material composition. This updated car is now called Manza Club Class and it was released earlier this week. The introduction of new features has changed the names of variants and has added a new variant into the list as well.

Aqua, Aura and Elan were the variants earlier which have been renamed as LS, LX, VX and EX. The top end model EXL is an addition to the list and this model gets premium leather seats, different shade on roof top and also a touchscreen satellite navigation and audio system display. Black and Plum interior has been given some finishing touch with chrome which beautifies the space. The Manza Club Class is available in two engine options namely Safire and Quadrajet. The Tata Manza Club Class with diesel engine is priced in the range Rs 6.49 lakhs to Rs 8.80 lakhs.

Sedan cars with diesel engines have been pricier and successful with different category of consumers. Tata Manza had done a pretty decent job when it was released the first time. Finding a place among the top sedans and best diesel cars would be a challenge to updated Club Class version of Manza.

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