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Tata Launches Safari Storme To Lead The SUV Market

By Motortrend India Staff   |   18 October,2012

Tata Safari was a popular high end SUV during back in the 90s. The model later witnessed ups and downs with increase in competition from rivals. After bringing out Aria, the premium class SUV, Tata gave new form to its Safari. Tata Safari Storme was in news after the Delhi Auto Expo. The SUV was released on 17th of October 2012.

Tata Safari Storme has borrowed the engine unit and the chassis from Aria. Other than that, the SUV has a distinctive look on the front in the presence of meshed silver grille, wide head lights with projector lamps, U shaped finish on the front body and so on.

Tata Safari Storme gets a competitive price tag of Rs 9.95 lakhs for the base variant and Rs 13.66 lakhs for the high end model which is equipped with 4 wheel drive system. With new SUVs launched by other rival brands, the price of Tata Safari Storme has a serious role to play in the market.

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