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Mann+Hummel Opens Plant At Bawal To Serve North Indian Clients

By Motortrend India Staff   |   06 December,2012

Mann+Hummel, a German based manufacturer of automotive components, opened a new production plant in Bawal, Haryana. Investment worth Rs 100 crore goes into the plant facility which would be the key supplier to clients of Mann+Hummel in North, West and Central parts of India. Earlier, clients in these areas got components from another plant of Mann+Hummel located in Tumkur, near Bangalore, Karnataka. The new plant would cut cost of transport and time taken for delivery.

The Bawal plant of Mann+Hummel produces engine components like plastic air intake manifolds, cylinder head cover, air cleaners etc. which are used in cars, commercial vehicles and bikes. Major auto brands like Maruti Suzuki, Tata, General Motors and Ford are all customers of Mann+Hummel.

Mr. Kazuhiko Ayabe, one of the board members of Maruti Suzuki, inaugurated the new plant in Bawal. Maruti Suzuki is one of the biggest customers to Mann+Hummel in India. Alfred Weber, President and CEO of Mann+Hummel present during the inauguration said, “It is our goal to be first choice for our Indian customers and top supplier in our segments in Asia. By 2018, we will increase our Asian sales share to 25 per cent, and India is one of our key markets in Asia to reach this goal. The inauguration of Bawal is part of our continuous growth plan.”

Mann+Hummel has built the new plant to be environment friendly and it uses energy saving lights, rain water collection and storage system and insulated roofs and walls to avoid energy loss to work in this direction.

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