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Mahindra Stands On Top As Largest Tractor Manufacturer In The World

By Motortrend India Staff   |   18 December,2012

India based tractor maker Mahindra beats John Deere to become the largest producer of tractors in the world by volume. The company began manufacturing agriculture based in 1963 by joining hands with US based company International Harvester. The company later grew up to design and build its own tractors and today the equipments manufactured by Mahindra Tractors Company are exported to different parts of the world. USA and China are two major markets to Mahindra Tractors apart from India. The demand for Mahindra tractors in rural areas of our country and aggressive marketing techniques adopted by the brand to reach people has made Mahindra reach this milestone. Mahindra made Mahesh Babu as its brand ambassador for tractors few weeks ago.

This achievement has boosted confidence of the company and it plans to acquire more businesses in different parts of the world to expand and grow in global market. Mahindra has also made investments in research and development area of their agricultural products. It opened a Research Valley in Chennai in recent times to explore new possibilities and develop technological edge to battle global leaders in their home lands.

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