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Tata Motors Group Global Wholesales For November

By Motortrend India Staff   |   19 December,2012

The global wholesales figure of the Tata Motors Group, including Jaguar Land Rover stood at 102,337 nos. for the month of November 2012. The cumulative wholesale figure for the fiscal, however, clocked 782,043 nos.

The global wholesales of the commercial vehicles like Tata, Tata Daewoo and Tata Hispano Carrocera range jumped up to 49,248 nos. while the cumulative wholesale for the same stood at 384,199 nos.

On the other hand, the global wholesales of all passenger vehicles stood at 53,089 nos. and the cumulative wholesale figure stood at 397,844 nos.

In comparison, the global wholesales of Tata passenger vehicles are 18,440 nos. while the cumulative wholesales figure for the fiscal are at 174,404 nos.

The global wholesales for Jaguar Land Rover stood at 34,649 vehicles while the Jaguar wholesales recorded a sale of 6,260 vehicles. The cumulative wholesales for Jaguar are 31,205 vehicles, while the cumulative wholesales for Jaguar Land Rover are 192,235 vehicles. The cumulative wholesales figure for Jaguar Land Rover for the fiscal is 223,440 nos.

Tata Motor’s is one of India’s largest and fastest growing automobile companies with operations in South Korea, UK, Spain, Thailand and South Africa.

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