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Advanced Features in Indian Passenger Vehicles Soon

By Motortrend India Staff   |   21 December,2012

Growing concerns over road safety issues have spurred the need for better security system while driving, which is why now we have the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) trying to incorporate “so-called” optional safety features as a standard fitment in the passenger vehicles.

According to a report submitted by Frost & Sullivan — “Comparative Analysis of Features in the Indian Passenger Vehicle Market”, carmakers are striving to introduce auto dimming mirror as well as rear parking sensors as a standard fitment in the high-end variants of all compact, super-compact, and mid-size segments. The study also found that rear view cameras will soon become a regular component in mid-size models.

As per the new regulations, anti-braking systems will be mandatory for all cars by 2014-15. Also, the installation of airbags is likely to become compulsory by 2015-16. With the burgeoning market for passenger vehicles in India and the entry of key international OEMs, we have new vehicles and upgrades being done every day and that has escalated the need for sophisticated safety features in vehicles. However, slow technological growth and the low acceptance of new technology have compelled OEMs to come up with innovative strategies.

Commenting on this, one Frost & Sullivan said, "To overcome these challenges, market participants and the Government are looking to control the escalation of prices and address infrastructure requirements. Better infrastructure and the growing acceptance of vehicle telematics will improve the marketability of advanced vehicle features and drive market growth." Frost & Sullivan is a Growth Partnership Company that works with clients to leverage their visionary innovation that addresses the global challenges and related growth opportunities that will make or break today's market participants.

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