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Car Interior Is The Grading Factor For Customer Satisfaction In India

By Motortrend India Staff   |   24 December,2012

Market research conducted by J.D. Power Asia Pacific reveals that the interior of a car is turning out to be a crucial factor to grade level of satisfaction of a car consumer. The study considers ten different categories of a car and survey is conducted across group of population consisting of new car owners (who own a car since 2 months). Level of satisfaction is measured across 1000 point scale for each of this category.

The results from study conducted during past few years indicate a steady increase in influence of interior of a car on satisfaction of the owner. Apart from this, fuel economy and visibility and driving safety continue to stand strong as other factors that affect customer satisfaction. In 2012, the interior category has seen 28 point increase in score as compared to 2009. The study further says that diesel fueled vehicles in India have outperformed petrol cars when it comes to customer satisfaction. The study involved 8000 car owners from 25 cities of India who brought a new car during November 2011 to July 2012.

Speaking about the results, Mr. Mohit Arora, Executive Director, J.D. Power Asia Pacific, said “To improve the quality and aesthetics of their models, automakers have made significant efforts and investments to enhance the overall design and quality of the vehicle interior, even in the small car segment. This is evident in the newly launched models, as well as the refreshed models launched in 2012. Both newly launched and refreshed models perform 17 points higher in the interior factor compared with other models. The fuel price gap is driving demand for diesel vehicles in India and has made petrol vehicle owners increasingly wary of the amount they spend to run their vehicle. This is reflected in their overall level of satisfaction as well, since they seem more critical of various aspects of the vehicle, such as fuel economy.”

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire stands on top in entry level, mid size car segment while Toyota Innova scored the highest in MUV segment. Honda Jazz came out as the top scorer in for premium hatchback segment.

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