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Toyota To Reclaim Globe———s Biggest Carmaker Title

By Motortrend India Staff   |   26 December,2012

In 2011, Toyota was place third. Now in 2012 the Japanese automaker is all set to reclaim the title of world’s biggest carmaker. The firm said it anticipated a 22% increase in group sales for 2012, reaching 9.7 million vehicles globally. Though, bulk of the figure came from its home-brand and Lexus auto cars.

Japan’s tsunami, earthquake and later flooding hit production hard in 2011, thus losing its top spot to U.S.’s General Motors. The Germany automaker - Volkswagen stand in the top second place while Japan came in the third slot.

Toyota had been the world’s biggest automaker for three consecutive years, from 2008 to 2010. And it is one of the most trusted brands worldwide.

During 2009, the company’s reputation tarnished due to frequent mass recall of motor vehicles and negative publicity. The firm lost its reputation of being one of the most reliable automobile manufacturers. The strengthening Yen, which gained more than a third in the last half-decade, has also undermined the carmaker’s cost competitiveness.

Despite all this setbacks, the firm is positively expecting further rise of 2% group sales, in 2013. However, its growth will rely heavily on international demands as national market forecasts of a weakening demand in the New Year; following expiry of a government subsidy for low-emission auto car sales.

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