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Hybrid Concept Cars With Low Emission To Be Produced By Ferrari

By Motortrend India Staff   |   27 December,2012

Italian sports car brand, Ferrari is preparing to produce hybrid cars which emit less, for the same amount of power produced. The luxury car maker has worked on hybrid concepts since past few years to cut on emission levels. The engineers are working hard to design models which are agreeable to strict emission norms placed by few European countries.

The Italian automaker has taken the proud gran turismo, 599 through this hybrid concept. The company was successful in increasing the power output of the unit by 100 hp while cutting down on emissions from this automobile. Geneva Motor Show showcased this concept of 599 few years ago. The model uses Kinetic Energy Recovery System to improve the energy efficiency of the vehicle.

The Maranello based grand brand, Ferrari crossed the ten million fan mark on social networking site - Facebook. The company can secure more fans from all parts of the world in future if it can produce many more environment friendly cars.

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