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  • Mahindra———s Tractor Sells up to 14,759 Units (Domestic + Exports) in December
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Mahindra———s Tractor Sells up to 14,759 Units (Domestic + Exports) in December

By Motortrend India Staff   |   03 January,2013

India’s largest tractor and agricultural equipment maker, Mahindra, sold 14,759 units during December, 2012. The company sold 13,712 units in domestic market and exported 1,047 units. The monthly domestic sales figure for the farm equipment producer during December 2011 was 15,315 units. They exported 1169 tractors during the same month. Although the numbers reduced when comparing the sales figures of corresponding months, Mahindra Tractors is still the leader of domestic market.

The company, which is the biggest manufacturer of tractors not only in India but around the globe, came up with aggressive marketing ideas during 2012. It aimed to reach more and more young farmers of villages by appointing Southern Superstar, Mahesh Babu as its brand ambassador.

The farm equipment brand has a strong presence in USA, China and other parts of the world. Mahindra Tractors has won the prestigious Deming Award twice, till date. Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers present this award to companies and individuals who have achieved and contributed to the field of Total Quality Management.

The farm equipment manufacturer overtook the American firm, John Deere to rank third in the list of world’s largest tractor makers by volume. The huge customer base of the firm in India contributed a major part in this achievement of Mahindra. The firm aims at capitalizing this success and acquiring businesses in different parts of the world to strengthen its presence. The company has its manufacturing divisions in 10 countries and its farm vehicles are sold in six continents.

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