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Auto Industry Inching Towards A Slump

By Motortrend India Staff   |   10 January,2013

According to a latest report submitted by Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), the performance of the auto industry has been dismal. The overall production data for April-December 2012 shows a hike of mere 2.16 percent compared to the same period previous year. It only produced 1,697,625 vehicles in December 2012 compared to 1,677,588 in December 2011, with a marginal growth of just 1.19 percent.

 The domestic sales have been equally drab for April-December 2012. The cumulative growth for the fiscal year grew by a dreary 4.57 percent over the same period in 2011. In December 2012, overall sales grew only by 2.77 percent over December 2011.

The sales of Passenger Vehicles grew by 8.37 percent during the fiscal period over same time last year. On the other hand, the sales of Passenger Cars nosedived by -0.33 percent while the sales of Utility Vehicles increased by 59.10 percent. The sales of Vans hiked up by 3.71 percent during April-December 2012 over same period last year. Nonetheless, in December 2012 passenger car sales plummeted by (-12.51) percent over December 2011. Total passenger vehicles sales also came down by (-1.13) percent in December 2012 compared to same month last year.

 The cumulative sales of the Commercial Vehicles grew by poor 0.74 percent in April-December 2012 over same time in 2011. While Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicle (M&HCV) sales slipped at (-19.13) percent, the Light Commercial Vehicles grew by an impressive 15.61 percent.

Even Three Wheelers sales increased by 4.96 percent in April-December 2012, Passenger Carrier sales jumped up by 8.96 percent during April-December 2012 and Goods Carriers registered de-growth at (-10.29) percent during this period.

During the fiscal period of April-December 2012, the overall automobile exports posted de-growth of (-2.92) percent over the same period last year. Passenger Vehicles went up by 10.52 percent, while the sale of Commercial Vehicles, Three Wheelers and Two Wheelers decreased by -4.76 percent, -20.88 percent and -2.79 percent respectively. However, in December 2012, Passenger Vehicles, Two & Three wheelers segment increased by 31.59 percent 9.36 percent and 4.63 percent respectively, while the sale of Commercial Vehicles came down by -25.79 percent.

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