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Poor Road Infrastructure And Automobile Conditions In India

By Motortrend India Staff   |   11 January,2013

India is home to one of the biggest car markets in the world. Producing over 39 lakh units of cars, it is currently the world’s sixth largest car manufacturer by volume. A large part of these cars are sold in India and mostly to people who live in urban areas. Many global companies operate in our nation. With development in economy, the number of cars that come on roads of India will continue to increase in the years to come.

Road infrastructure is a crucial factor that affects the automobile industry. Poor condition of roads in villages and cities burden consumers with heavy repair bills of their cars. Many owners approach automobile companies with complains of parts that wear out soon. Others working in travel industry have spoken about increase in maintenance cost of their cars due to poor road conditions.

The primary parts of a car that are damaged due to these awful roads are bumpers, lower part of side body, suspension, tyres and the chassis. Bad roads slow down the speed of cars which in turn increases fuel consumption. In countries like the United Kingdom, vehicle owners have an option to claim compensation from government when a car is damaged because of bad roads. Unfortunately there are no such regulations in our country. According to one study, the loss that occurs to all vehicles from a bad road is much higher than the cost of repair or reconstruction of the road itself.

The unaccountable part comes in the form of loss of time and loss of lives due to accidents. Over the last few years there has been steep increase in number of deaths from road accidents. According to one of the reports from WHO, around 17 people die every hour because of road accidents in India. Poor infrastructure comes out as one of the primary factors in many cases.

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