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Hyundai Kia Appointed Peter Schreyer as the New Chief Designer

By Motortrend India Staff   |   15 January,2013

Peter Schreyer is appointed as the new Chief Designer for Hyundai-Kia group. He brings experience of working with Audi and Volkswagen, two automobile global brands. In his new role as Chief Designer at Hyundai Motor Group, Mr Schreyer will streamline the design operation and seek synergy between the two Korean brands.

Mr Schreyer, a German national, is the first foreign president appointed by Kia. The news was announced three weeks prior to his new role.

Hyundai's Woong-Chul Yang commenting on the move said, "imperative to secure long-term competitiveness" and to help "enhance our brand value."

Hyundai Motor bought Kia in 1998, during the Asian financial crisis, and has reported increasing sales at a faster pace than Hyundai in the US and Europe.

Peter Schreyer is a highly experienced designer, who spent a decade with VW Group as head of Audi and head of Volkswagen design.

"Mr. Schreyer brings a wealth of experience in design from the global auto industry and has a deep understanding of the Hyundai Motor Group." said Mr Yang. He also added, "These valuable qualities will help build the foundation needed to make Hyundai and Kia leading global top automakers."

Hyundai-Kia global sales figure in 2012 was 7.12 million vehicles up 8% on 2011.

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