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Toyota Furia Corolla Concept-The New Corolla in Making

By Motortrend India Staff   |   18 January,2013

Toyota, the Japanese multinational automaker, just uncovered the next-gen Corolla at the ongoing Detroit Motor Show. What appear from the first look, the new Corolla might well be on the design lines of the 2013 Furia Corolla concept.

Toyota Corolla Furia’s futuristic design — the swept-back windshield, slanting roofline, pronounced fender flares, plenty of carbon-fibre and 19-inch alloys — has been limned in line with Toyota’s new aggressive and bold design concept, exclusively conceived to appeal to today’s youth. 4,620mm long and 1,805mm wide, the Corolla Furia is inarguably longer and wider than the Corolla Altis, which is just 4,540mm long and 1,760mm wide. Nonetheless, the Furia is about 55mm shorter than the Altis.

The Corolla has been one of US’s best-selling cars and the introduction of Furia is expected to add to its ever-increasing popularity. However, its real impact is likely to be on the Indian market where the sales of Corolla Altis have plummeted considerably.

With new cars being launched by dozen every day, Toyota executives are of the opinion that only something as fresh as the Furia will help to tip the scales back in their favor. Toyota is yet to announce its production plans on Furia. So it could be a long before this futuristic Corolla hits the Indian shores.

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