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UK———s Car Exports Hit Record High despite European Market Slowdown

By Motortrend India Staff   |   21 January,2013

Despite a deep slump in European vehicle sales, the United Kingdom has hit a four-year high in car production and car exports. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said, 1.46 million cars have been built in UK, of which 1.21 million were shipped abroad.

The country’s four-wheeler production was up by 9% and exports by 8%, despite the fact that data showed car sales in the EU hit a 17-year low last year. The SMMT expects 2013 to be better yet.

SMMT head Paul Everitt, commented, "The outlook for 2013 remains positive, with demand in many faster-growing global markets offsetting the continued weakness in European economies." "The £6bn of investment committed to UK facilities, new model programmes and [research and development] signals a bright future and many new opportunities for companies in the supply chain."

UK auto car production figures were also boosted by strong domestic demand. Generally, 80% of the manufactured vehicles are exported abroad. In 2012, United Kingdom new car registrations rose by 5.3%. The SMMT will try to drive up the domestic demand for UK manufactured cars by up to 15%.

The SMMT said, 50% of the UK produced cars went to different parts of the European Union, 15% to rest of Europe, 16% to Asia (out of which 8% to China) and 13% to the United States.

However, all the news from United Kingdom was not positive.

Production of vehicles such as trucks and vans fell 6.8% last year to 112,000 units, due to a slump in both domestic and export demand that accelerated in December.

The country has also reported production of vehicle engines was low, with total output falling 0.3% in the year, largely due to a sharp drop in export demand.

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