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Crompton Greaves to Set Up EV Charging Stations in Spain

By Motortrend India Staff   |   22 January,2013

The Indian MNC, Crompton Greaves has won the deal of setting up 90 electric vehicle charging stations in Spain. The company supplies these charging stations to IBIL which is the electric vehicle charging operator in Spain. CG’s strength in technology and in use of the latest Smart Grid technique has brought this order to the company.

Smart Grid is one technology that has created a buzz in energy industry, in recent times. The charging stations from Crompton Greaves have all the equipments which are necessary to function under Smart Grid network. These networks enable effective communication between end points (for ex: between electricity generator and home) which will further improve the efficiency of overall power system. The company produces a wide range of technologically advanced and reliable products. This is very much essential for proper functioning of Smart Grid technology.

Mr. Norberto Santiago, Executive Vice-President and President of Automation, Crompton Greaves, said, “CG has bagged this order from IBIL in the face of intense competition from large and established Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for the automotive industry and the Spanish industrial administration. EVs will play an important role in the electricity network of the future and help meet important challenges such as Europe's 20-20-20 objective, wherein the continent aims to reduce CO2 by 20%, source 20% of energy from renewable sources, and lower energy use by 20%. CG is an important player in this promising market.”

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