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Fiat and Mazda to Produce New Roadsters by 2015

By Motortrend India Staff   |   25 January,2013

The Italian auto marque, Fiat has signed the final agreement with Mazda to jointly produce roadster cars. In the month of May last year, the big brands entered into an alliance by signing a non-binding MoU to develop a roadster car. The vehicle will carry the badge of Alfa Romeo which is a subsidiary of Fiat. The first batch of roadsters may be rolled out by 2015.

The vehicle will be developed by the two companies based on its MX-5 model. The base model MX-5 is one of the highest selling roadsters in the world. As per the plan, two differently styled cars will be developed, one for each brand. Each vehicle will have specific characteristics and build quality which highlights their makers. The engines of the two cars will be produced by their parent marques and both of them are designed to have rear-wheel drive system.

The new cars will be light and agile and may have a price tag lower than MX-5. These vehicles are built to be sold globally. For Mazda, this new project creates an opportunity to reach more markets and increase the interest on roadster models among consumers. The project helps Fiat to develop a vehicle with latest technology that can uphold the classic image of Alfa Romeo brand.

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