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Datsun Cars from Nissan to Be Built Locally

By Motortrend India Staff   |   05 February,2013

Nissan will be introducing its world famous Datsun brand to Indians by next year. The company will be launching Datsun models in two variants. The Japanese automaker is relying on its research center in Chennai for localizing Datsun cars. The research center is formed in collaboration with its French partner, Renault. The new models will have all their parts manufactured in India. This reduces the cost for the company to great extent.

The R and D center of the automaker will also be developing Nissan cars for Indian market which will be produced in next few years. The firm plans to equip its R and D unit with some advanced equipment to offer high-end test facilities. This will help the auto manufacturer in development process of vehicles. The auto marque also has plans to employ more engineers in the years to come which help the company in development project. Nissan alone has 2,000 people working in the research center. This number may double or increase more than that in the next few years.

The company plans to increase its market share globally by introducing new cars to developing markets. Along with Datsun cars, the Japanese marque may bring about 10 models to India by 2016.

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