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The Greenest Place for Electric Cars ——— India Stands Last

By Motortrend India Staff   |   08 February,2013

Just as the government is taking up initiatives to establish proper infrastructure for electric vehicles in the country, an analysis report from UK has shown that India is in the lower position when it comes to usage of eco-friendly EVs. The reports say that India generates more amount of carbon dioxide during the production of electricity and electric vehicles.

According to the reports, in India, the amount of emission that occurs during the process of generation of electricity and during car manufacturing process is comparable to emissions from a petrol vehicle which has a mileage of 8.5 kmpl. This is because the country uses large quantity of coal as a source for producing electric power. Other countries like Indonesia and China which are dependent on coal as a source for electricity face similar problems.

Paraguay stood on top as the greenest country for electric cars. Almost 100 percent of the electricity produced in this country comes from hydropower. The emission levels during electric power generation and production of EVs is comparable to petrol car which gives a mileage of 92.4 kmpl. Iceland came second with emission levels equal to petrol cars with 92.2 kmpl. Sweden and Brazil stood in third and fourth position respectively. In a list of 20 countries India took the last position.

The government of India launched NEMMP 2020 a month ago. It now has new challenges on its way while working on this play. The government should work towards coming up with new cleaner and greener methods for producing of electricity.

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