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The Global Auto World Not Ready for Electric Vehicles Yet

By Motortrend India Staff   |   11 February,2013

Decades of research, billions of dollars investment and lump sum subsidies offered by governments of different countries, Electric Vehicles are still struggling to make a mark in global auto market. Electric cars are expected to be an alternative for petrol and diesel vehicles which are blamed for contributing tons of smoke to our atmosphere every day. But unfortunately the hope of environment conscious men seems to be not doing well even in developed markets like UK and USA. The result is global auto giants have decided to bring down the investment for R and D of EVs. The companies will be focusing on small volume petrol engines and hybrid vehicles instead.

Cost factor and lack of infrastructure are affecting electric vehicle sales in different parts of the world, India to stand last in the list. In spite of incentives and discounts offered by governments of European countries the EVs sold in their market is much costlier than similar size petrol and diesel vehicles. Auto makers blame lack of charging points to be the major obstacle on the way of growth of EVs.

While Opel has stopped its plans for the Adam mini car, Audi is thinking to delay the launch of E-tron which is the electric version of its sporty car R8. Nissan and Renault are looking for other options like battery leasing to improve the sales of their electric powered vehicles.

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