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Engines from Volvo Stand Fourth for Reliability

By Motortrend India Staff   |   19 February,2013

The Swedish auto maker, Volvo has ranked fourth for the reliability of its engines. This ranking is based on the statistics obtained from British insurance company, Warranty Direct. The insurer has prepared a list on how often the company has covered cost of engine repair for automobiles from different marques. The results state that 1 in 111 cars from Volvo come out with engine problems. This accounts for about 0.9 percent error rate. Honda ranked one for least error rate where 1 in 344 Honda cars came out with engine problems. The list (prepared by Warranty Direct) of auto marques based on error rate of engines is given below.

Reliability - best engine manufacturers

Car brand, percent errors (%) Risk of failure (1 of xx)

Reliability - worst engine manufacturers:

Car brand, percent errors (%) Risk of failure (1 of xx)

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