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Schaeffler Unveils Its Drivable Concept Car For Indian Market

By Motortrend India Staff   |   05 March,2013

Schaeffler recently unveiled a brand new concept vehicle for the Indian market. Equipped with advanced drive train technologies, the concept car, besides offering up to ten percent reduction in fuel consumption, will also offer better comfort and driving experience. The Efficient Future Mobility India concept car is a subcompact hatchback that displays Schaeffler solutions for optimizing engine and transmission technology.

The demonstrator vehicle was unveiled at Schaeffler’s flagship technology sharing and joint development platform – Innovation Days – a highly successful specialized event from Germany, being organized for the first time in India. All the solutions showcased in the car are cost-effective, close to volume production, and when integrated into a subcompact vehicle, make a valuable contribution to improving its performance and fuel efficiency.

The Indian concept car, based on a current version of one of India’s most popular compact “Segment B” hatchbacks, is an effort to bridge an increasing gap between demand for performance, comfort and economy and supply. The demonstration model highlights Schaeffler’s capability to fill this void through innovations that are accessible via a wide portfolio of products and solutions ranging from components, subsystems and systems.

The concept vehicle is a car full of ideas from the Efficient Future Mobility driving laboratory of Schaeffler. In January 2013, the Efficient Future Mobility North America was showcased at the Detroit Motor Show. Schaeffler is developing and testing these concept vehicles to present tangible, working solutions – matched to relevant markets – for demands and challenges of automotive industry today and tomorrow.

Due to multiple factors like stop and go traffic situations, cost-effectiveness and customer habits, manual transmission are the most preferred version of cars in the subcompact segment. The Indian concept vehicle features a combination of start-stop systems with manual transmission resulting in enhanced driving experience while reducing fuel consumption. This is made possible with Schaeffler’s electronic clutch management (ECM). The vehicle also features other advanced drive train innovations like dual VCT (Variable Cam Timing), coated tappets, smart thermo management and shift detection.

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