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2015 ——— A Year of New Changes for the Auto Industry

By Motortrend India Staff   |   14 March,2013

Come 2015 and the prices of new vehicles will soar, thanks to the new safety and emission regulations that will be introduced during that time. In view of the forthcoming changes, government and manufacturers have already planned a few measures to bring on the transformation smoothly.

As per the new emission rule, all new cars will be sold with fuel efficiency labels to help buyers gauge the real mileage of the car. Furthermore, the new vehicles will run on clean fuel containing less than 10 ppm sulphur, to be sold by only licensed oil refiners.

In a bid to improve the efficiency of a car substantially, government is also considering the option of converting cars into hybrids by fixing new kits.

Regulations for head-on, lateral collisions and offset front are already in force. Manufacturers are awaiting test facility results.

Besides this, the new cars will incorporate child-restraint system and come with built-in pedestrian safety measures to minimise pedestrian collision impact.

Also, in view of the growing popularity of power windows, electric power steering, ABS, etc., the government has devised “electromagnetic compatibility rules” to guarantee effortless function of the systems.

Not just that, government is also looking to standardise rules to minimise fuel leaks, improve passenger safety and have an easy exit way during accidents.

Government has plans to make RFID tags mandatory for all new vehicles. This will help to lower fuel consumption by minimising waiting time, facilitate smooth traffic movement through toll plazas & considerably ease off the parking charges.

Lastly, India has plans to introduce a new four-wheeler category called quadricycles as an improvement over three-wheeler.

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