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Mahindra Reva Unleashes e2o at Rs. 5.96 Lakh

By Motortrend India Staff   |   18 March,2013

One of the most awaited car launches of the year has taken place today. Mahindra Reva e2o which has been doing headlines in auto magazines since past few weeks was unleashed by the company at a price of Rs. 5.96 lakh, in New Delhi. The car is loaded with innovative technologies and equipment which enhance the convenience of operation.

Powered by 48-volt lithium ion batteries, the vehicle takes 5 hours to be fully charged through 15-ampere plug-in point. Once the car is fully charged it can run for a distance of 100 km if it is driven under prescribed conditions. The maximum speed attainable on this EV is 80 km/h. The battery can also be charged using the Sun2Car technology which uses solar energy to charge the batteries.

The auto maker has built the dashboard with high-end equipment like Bluetooth connectivity, touchscreen display etc. Mahindra Reva has added a GSM activated chip into the vehicle which continuously informs the company’s base about performance and condition of the vehicle. Using this tool the company can solve software related issues and updates from the base itself. A customer may not have to take the car to service station to get perform these updates on his vehicle.

This EV may require about 60 paise to travel a distance of 1 km as compared to Rs. 5-6 which is the operational cost of petrol cars per kilometre of drive. According to the company, the operational cost of e2o will save around Rs. 85,000 for the consumer compared to its petrol competitors.

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