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Mahindra Pantero Set to Thrill Bike Lovers with Interactive Website

By Motortrend India Staff   |   25 March,2013

After a grand launch ceremony for the Pantero, Mahindra Two Wheelers has set a new benchmark in web world by developing an interactive website for the bike. The role of digital media platform in establishing a good position for the product has driven Mahindra to come out with such concept.

Mr. Viren Popli, Executive Vice President, Mahindra Two Wheelers spoke about the new website and said, “The Mahindra Pantero website shows the passion with which we embrace new technology to give our customers a unique experience be it in our products or in our engagement process. With this website, we believe we have set a benchmark in India for all two wheeler brands. To achieve this kind of animation without using flash is an achievement.”

Mr. Sarosh Shetty, Vice President-Marketing, Mahindra Two Wheelers spoke about the concept to say, “Today’s intelligent youth is rapidly evolving. We intend to bring alive our truly differentiated, intelligent products through innovative, engaging user experiences in the online space.”

The website is advanced HTML based; it leverages HTML’s parallax scrolling or continuous scrolling to create an unparalleled viewing experience. The site opens with a loader screen with the silhouette of a panther running, reinforcing the product positioning of Panther Ki Soch, Panther Ki Chaal. In fact, the digital team went through innumerable photos and videos of the panther to optimise the animation without compromising on quality. However, this is not a design gimmick-scrolling also reveals the Mahindra Pantero’s panther-like intelligence, agility and style. The website enables you to explore the Pantero with 360 degree views and video testimonials. You can also join the buzz on Facebook & Twitter, book test rides and do much more with minimum clicks on the global navigation menu.

The homepage has an image of Mahindra Pantero which transforms into a panther as you scroll the page. The scrolling feature enabled by advanced HTML makes the website easily viewable on tablets as well and would like to point out that it’s a delight to browse it on the iPad.

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