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Fiat to Open 112 Independent Dealerships by 2014

By Motortrend India Staff   |   27 March,2013

Fiat Group Automobiles India (FGAI) is planning to have 112 independent dealerships by 2014, in India. The company is aiming at 5% market share in the Indian auto market.

Ravi Bhatia, FGAI, VP Sales and Dealer Development, commented "Last year, 76 million units were sold globally, while Fiat sold 4.7 million units worldwide, which is around five per cent". He also added, “Our target is to have a similar market share in India too. The aim is to have 112 independent exclusive dealership outlets in India to achieve that target."

The company opened its 28th Fiat dealership in Ahmedabad on 26March, 2013. "The company had sold 10,000 units in India last year (2012) and in next three year aims to double the sales every year, to gain ambitious five per cent share in Indian car industry," Mr. Bhatia said.

The automotive brand has proposed to launch several new models in India over the next three years, including Abrath, its racing car brand and Jeep in SUV segment. It also plans to introduce completely built units (CBUs) of its Jeep brand from the Chrysler portfolio-Jeep Cherokee & Jeep Wrangler-by last quarter of this CY in India.

"Fiat is also evaluating the possibilities to locally manufacture B and C segment SUVs at its Ranjangaon facility in Pune, a Tata-Fiat joint venture," Mr. Bhatia said. Among other models Fiat plans to launch Punto and Linea.

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